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Religious Intolerance among Orthodox Christians and Muslims in Russia

samedi 6 décembre 2008 par Vyacheslav Karpov ; Elena Lisovskaya

Religious intolerance (the unwillingness to grant religious liberties to other faiths) among Russia’s Orthodox Christians and Muslims is widespread, as our 2005 national survey data (2972 interviews) show. The intolerance is strongest among the Orthodox in the largely non-Muslim areas of Russia and among both faith groups in the conflict-torn Caucasus.
Mutual tolerance is highest in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. The intolerance has more to do with reactionary ideological influences and regional socio-political conditions than with Orthodox and Muslim core religious beliefs and practices. Orthodox-Muslim intolerance reflects a broader popular hostility to religious freedom in Russia. Fuelled by Russia’s current undemocratic tendencies, this hostility poses a threat to Eurasian stability and calls for efforts to lessen ethno-religious tensions. Such efforts need to include systematic sociological monitoring of religious intolerance, and this study is a first step in this direction.

Published in : Religion, State and Society, Volume 36, Issue 4 December 2008 , pages 361 - 377

Subjects : Marxism & Communism ; Religion ; Russia -The Former Soviet Union & East European Studies ;

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