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Growth or Decline in the Church of England during the Decade of Evangelism : Did the Churchmanship of the Bishop Matter ? (Protestantisme)

mardi 20 janvier 2009 par Leslie J. Francis ; Carol Roberts
The Decade of Evangelism occupied the attention of the Church of England throughout the 1990s. The present study employs the statistics routinely published by the Church of England in order to assess two matters : the extent to which these statistics suggest that the 43 individual dioceses (...) > suite

Competition and Participation in Religious Markets : Evidence from Victorian Scotland (Protestantisme)

Abstract In 1885, the largest churches in Scotland were engaged in a dispute about state funding. We use data generated in the course of that dispute to test two related hypotheses. First, as market size (proxied by population) increases, the competitiveness (or complexity) of the religious (...) > suite

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