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Studies in Ancient Midrash

lundi 4 juin 2007

James L. Kugel is a Professor at Bar-Ilan University.

Contributor Gary A. Anderson Contributor A. I. Baumgarten Contributor Moshe J. Bernstein Contributor Marc Hirshman Contributor Menahem Kister

Studies in Ancient Midrash is the proceedings of a conference, held at Harvard University, surveying the beginnings of ancient biblical interpretation. Essays include "Ancient Biblical Interpretation and the Biblical Sage," by James Kugel ; "Literacy and the Polemics Surrounding Biblical Interpretation," by A. I. Baumgarten ; "Garments of Skin, Garments of Glory," by Gary Anderson ; "Leave the Dead to Bury Their Own Dead," by Menahem Kister ; "Contours of Genesis Interpretation at Qumran," by Moshe Bernstein ; "Qohelet’s Reception and Interpretation," by Marc Hirshman ; "Law, Morality and Rhetoric in Some Sayings of Jesus," by Menahem Kister ; and "Biblical Interpretation in Some Qumran Prayers and Hymns," by James Kugel.

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